Explore the best Street markets in Tokyo

Busiest city and iconic capital of Japan, Tokyo is a blend of modernism and traditional values. If you happen to visit this capital, you will feel a whole another vibe. This is because they have managed to maintain a reputation of being traditionally equipped while providing the most ultra-modern facilities to its visitors. Tokyo is the mainland of some really beautiful historic temples that are a bliss to visit. The moment you step in this land, you will start feeling the Japanese culture at its peak. From street markets to artsy museums, historic temples to modern structures- this place has everything you have been craving to see. Now every city is known by the culture it showcases and how it treats its people. Here in Tokyo, you will witness the best of both worlds!

Exploring the local areas and culture is something we all do. So it’s time to explore the best markets in Tokyo that should not be missed at any cost. They are playful and just so lively that you can spend an entire day simply strolling on the streets and shopping every little thing!

Nakamise Market

Every market in Tokyo has something different to offer. All Tokyo markets showcase different cultures and that’s why you’ll get to see a lot of variation. The Nakamise Market is one of the most popular shopping streets in Tokyo which remains crowded almost all the time. Visitors never fail to explore this market every time they are in Tokyo. Located between the inner and outer gates of Sensoji Temple, this narrow stretch covers as many as 90 stalls. The specialty of this market is that it is not just another shopping street. It has a history that dates back to the 17th century and that’s why it is choked with tourists. Shopping here is a little tough because of that but totally worth the wait. Look for a great selection of souvenirs here and take home the best ones with you.


Running just parallel to the track of the Yamanote Line, this market is another great highlight in Tokyo. This market as earned a lot of names and reputation for being a distinct seller of a lot of things. Started as a candy market and later turned into a post-war black market, today it is one of the busiest and most visited markets in Tokyo. You will find the most beautiful things here at affordable prices. Clothing, footwear, households, yummy food, gadgets, etc. There is nothing you won’t find at this market. If you take a train to the Ueno station, this one is just at a distance of two minutes. Explore this one for the most frantic experience of your trip!

‘Market of the Sun’
This one has a really fancy name and a lot of fame! ‘Market of the Sun’ is not a regular shopping market. It is a farmer’s market where all the fresh produce is displayed and sold to visitors. If you have a thing for such fresh produced greens and fruits, you must visit this one. Taste every little bit and make your choice aptly. This market is hosted on the second Saturday and Sunday of every month at Tsukishima Second Children’s Park. This market experiences a lot of foot traffic and that’s why the prices are also sky-high. With as many as 100 stalls, you will get to treat yourself with a lot of variety and then choose the best one!

Takeshita Street

For the best street-style culture, visit this one! The unique thing about this market is that it runs along the pedestrian-only road and so, it has easy access for all those on foot. If you are looking for chic and pink fashion, you will find it here. Being another busy market in Tokyo, it justifies being the most happening market there. Specializing in a unique type of clothing and theme costumes, you will find everything party-ready at this market. The attires are literally spilling on the road and everything is over-stocked! But you should visit this one for the best shopping and the best food as well. The crepes are very popular here so grab one and explore the market while treating yourself.

Tsukiji Fishmarket

Visiting Japan and not going to a fish market is not happening! This one is one of the oldest and best markets in Tokyo, undoubtedly. If you are wondering how can a market be a top attraction at a place, well here is your answer. This market offers the best fish in every range and quality. You’ll find top-notch fish qualities here to satisfy your cravings. And that’s why this is Japan’s largest working fish market. You’ll find countless fish stalls as well as sushi stalls here. With a bulk of fish and other delicacies, this is not to be missed while you are in Tokyo.

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