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Athens is a big metropolitan beautiful and the capital city of Greece. Athens offers almost everything to its visitors from luxurious hotels and restaurants to vibrant nightlife. Athens is developing with a population of almost five million. This is indeed a city of giving birth to western civilization. Athens is the perfect city from the economic, political and cultural point of view.

Acropolis Museum: This is an amazing museum at the very foot of Acropolis slope showing its presence. This museum depicts its cultural heritage and history in its exhibition. The glances of history can be easily seen from its floor to windows as well as ceiling too. Tourists can easily find out the best restaurants and hotels here along with the beauty shop having special items of the museum.

Ancient Agora: It is the ancient place in the treasure of Athens but hugely popular. It is also famous as a place of administrative affairs, economic, political and social affairs as well. It is also a place where Socrates expelled his all philosophy and where most of the people adopted Christianity too. This place is highly travelled by tourists and found crowdy to visit the Temple of Hephaistos, museum and Church of the Holy Apostles which has been made with the special bricks having Arabic calligraphy engraved on the bricks.

National Archaeological Museum: One of the world’s significant museum, having a unique collection of the Greek antique things placed in the neoclassical style of building. This is really a treasure of preserving the Greek’s art and History from classical era to latest one along with Ptolemaic era of Egypt. This museum has the antiquities of jewellery, ceramic, sculptures, paintings, articles found by the archaeological researches. The exhibitions there are very beautifully presented based on different themes.

Temple of Olympian Zeus: The iconic temple which took almost seven hundred years to complete the structure as it was begun in the sixth century by Peisistratos. The temple has abandoned by a lot of funds. The temple is styled in very boastful fashion. In the temple, the statue of colossal statue of Zeus is equally large of the original as he.


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