Explore Germany like never before

History, culture and natural beauty is the essence of Germany. You can have a taste of the country in many different and interesting ways. From sightseeing to forests and mountains to recreational activities, it has everything. You just need to find the perfect place and city for the kind of experience you want to have.

Here is a list of top 5 attractions and sights in the country you should put on the top of your priority list


Neuschwanstein Castle: Pay a visit to the Ultimate Fairytale Castle

You know from where did Walt Disney drew its inspiration for ‘Sleeping Beauty’! From this world-famous castle and the most photographed building of Germany that truly lives up to its fairytale charm and popularity. It is nestled in the Alps in a pretty Bavarian Village and there are several ways in which you can explore this place. You can simply admire it from the quaint old town of Füssen or book a guided tour to the castle to witness its flamboyant interior that includes the Throne Room with its giant crown-shaped chandelier, a gaudy artificial grotto, and the lavish Minstrels’ Hall. Take the fun horse and buggy ride to make the journey up the steep hill.
This recreation of the Germanic mythology was planned by King Ludwig II in 1869. He hired a theatrical set designer to realize his fairytale vision.


Europa Park: Go on a Thrilling Adventure

To get a fascinating experience with your family and kids, you must visit this adventurous park in Germany. This is the largest amusement park in the country and the most visited place too. You can’t explore this amazing park with hundreds of rides and shows in a single day. This astounding theme park has four mind-blowing rollercoaster rides and water rides. There are some fun and frolic attractions for kids which makes it a favorite place for the younger ones. The fun never ends here!


Stroll around Brandenburg Gate

This gate is a symbol of unity for the country as once it stood as a part of the Berlin wall between East and West Germany. Visiting this most iconic structure of Berlin is undoubtedly the most recommended thing and one of the best free things to do in Germany. The ideal time to stroll around this place is towards the end of the day. Watch the sunset through its majestic arches or witness the massive structure illuminated at night. And if you are a history buff, this place will surely make you curious as it has an eventful history attached to it.



Oktoberfest is the largest fair in the world that runs from mid-September to the first Sunday of October. It attracts around 6 million visitors annually. It is a clichéd but an essential German experience one should have. Relish the delicious sausages, sauerkraut and of course the German beer. This fest is celebrated at its best in the town of Schäfflerstraße in 14 different beer tents with alphorn players, and yodelers. You can also enjoy the smaller and more local beer festivals or visit the most famous beer hall in the world, Hofbräuhaus in Munich.


Admire The Magnificence of Cologne’s Cathedral

The beautiful and the iconic Cologne’s Cathedral is Northern Europe’s largest gothic structure and the third tallest cathedral in the world. You will get awestruck by witnessing this impressive masterpiece of baroque architecture. It should be on your list due to its magnificent interior and the breathtaking, panoramic views it offers from the top of the bell tower. It stands next to the train station of the city making it easier for millions of visitors around the globe to visit it.

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