Explore Beautiful Singapore – A must read for all the couples

Singapore is the ultimate detention for all the newly married couple. This beautiful island city is a spectacular destination which offers marvellous manmade as well as natural sight. Singapore is a favourite destination for all the nature lovers who want to enjoy a luxurious holiday with the love of their life. It is a must-visit destination for all the honeymoon couples who want to experience an unforgettable honeymoon.

List of 5 Spectacular Places To Visit in Singapore for All the Newlywed Couples

1.Changi Point Coastal Walk


How about enjoying a romantic walk with your partner?? Changi Point Coastal Walk is one of the must visit place in Singapore for all the honeymoon couples. Hold your partner’s hand and take a romantic coastal walk, witness the beautiful view of the sea and boat.
Have a beautiful conversation, get to know easy other more, witness the incredible heritage trees and glorious hilltop chalets. Sit by the lush greenery and witness the spectacular sunset with your partner. Nothing can be more romantic than watching the stunning sunset with your life’s sunshine.

2. Plan A Cosy Date in Jewel Box

How about surprising your loved one with a memorable date night? Head straight to Jewel Box, it is a dream destination for all the romantic couples. Don’t miss to check out the marvellous Mount Faber Park, fall in love with your partner while you explore the beautiful nature.
It is a man-made park which offers an incredibly picturesque view of the gorgeous Singapore city. Take a cable car ride to reach Jewel Box, surprise your partner with a cosy and romantic dinner date while the city winds their busy day. Love is surely in the air and it gets really better when you are in Singapore.

3. Gardens By The Bay

If you are a huge fan of garden and greenery, Gardens By The Bay is a must visit when you are in Singapore and enjoying your honeymoon. Witness the gorgeous native and exotic plants in Gardens By The Bay.
Gardens By The Bay is a gorgeous man-made mountain biome which is home for many alluring and exotic plants. It is also the best place to capture amazing pictures. The best part is, Gardens By The Bay is open till 2 AM, make sure you enjoy the most here.

4. Beaches Of Sentosa

How can you miss going to the beach when you are in Singapore, Sentosa Island is one of the best beaches in Singapore for all the newlywed couples. The place is famous for crystal clear water, white sand, amazing water sports, and luxurious villa.

Challenge your partner and have fun exploring various sea sports. If you are not much into water sports just enjoy a relaxed evening walk on the beautiful white sands with love of your life. Dont miss to enjoy a rejuvenating spa.

5. Esplanade Roof Garden

Surprise your partner by taking them to the Esplanade Roof Garden, get a spectacular panoramic view of the gorgeous Singapore city and Marina Bay. You will be amazed to notice lush greenery and tiny shrub trees while you are witnessing the beauty of the city at the height of Esplanade Roof Garden.
Esplanade Roof Garden is one of the must-visit attractions in Singapore where you can get the best view of the city. Take a break away from the busy crowd and surprise your partner with a picturesque view of the city.

If you are looking for a romantic international destination, Singapore is the best choice. Be it the panoramic view or sandy white beaches, Singapore has got all the elements for an unforgettable honeymoon trip.

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