Escape the Limits while Travelling to Hong Kong

Covered 70% with the mountains which are out of knowledge of most travellers, Hong Kong is all about sprawling beauty of its skyline buildings and country parks. The colourful life of the city and the traditional culture beauty of the villages are all complimentary to each other. People, where love to enjoy in five stars, are also can be seen at the roadside food stalls to taste the amazing local food items as well. Therefore, Hong Kong is not about one thing but it is a mixture of everything that calls a unity with harmony. The fabulous places to visit for the overseas people are, hiking the deserted places contrary to the snowy mountains. It is one of the top cookery Centre of delicious cuisines and the most budgetary market for the budget travellers as well.

Star Ferry: Star Ferry is the best cruise ride you may ever have in life. Your trip is not complete without a ride to Star ferry. These star ferries are named differently according to the timings of visit such as the Morning Star would be travelling in the morning, Celestial Star and the third one would be Twinkling star. You can have a wonderful ride by cherishing the whole outside beauty but this amusement would be doubled if you, fortunately, get a clear night to travel in Star Ferry.


Man Mo Temple: The oldest temple monument, Man Mo Temple is made to remind the gods of literature which have been shown holding a writing brush in one hand and a sword in the other hand. It was constructed by the rich merchants of China in the eighteenth century and not only worship but it was used for legal purposes to sort local disputes of the people between Chinese and Colonialists. The Colonial Government use to held the Oath ceremonies in the temple hall. There are four poles outside the entrance possess the signs over them which depict the different meaning than each other. The two poles meant that the Worship ceremony is being held inside, the third one requests to maintain silence and peace inside the temple to show your devotion to God and the last, fourth one prohibits the women with the menstruating problem to get inside the temple. It is a beautiful sample of artistry and architecture too.


Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha: This place is blessed with a Buddhist Monastery and a temple complex as well but it is more used as a tourist attraction or tourist spot these days than a religious one. A huge crowd use to visit this place every year and therefore, it has been extended a lot and most of the buildings in the temple complex are new. The Statue of Lord Buddha which is the must-see attraction here is made up of Bronze and created in the seating position. This statue is widely known by the name ‘Big Buddha’. It is recognized as the world’s tallest statue in the seating position.


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