Enjoy Your Vacation In St. Barts

Alluring Saint Barthélemy, superiorly known as St. Barts. This exotic place offers you an attractive and exotic mixture of European versatility, exceptional natural beauty, and tranquil attractions of the island. Gorgeous sand beaches are the stunning and exotic attribute of St. Barts. With wild green hills and peaceful coastal villages attracts every tourist from all around the world.

From blue water to dreamy sunset view to underwater coral reefs will take your breath way. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, to give the true feel of serene peace we are here with St. Barts top attraction list, to let you have all the information before traveling to this gorgeous looking island. So, relax on your couch and go through this article to plan your exotic trip to St. Barts.


 Get Lost In The Beauty Of Saline Beach

Jut nearby the southern coast, you can enjoy a beautiful oceanic scene of Saline beach. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in the area of the Caribbean. You can capture the real beauty of green hills, turquoise-colored water, and shimmery blond sands. This beach will give true vibes of a worthy vacation. If you’re a lover of adventure then, Surfing and scuba diving this can be a great option for you to enjoy in the Saline beach.

From morning to evening you can enjoy the startling and the most delicious cuisines and drinks at the local restaurants near this exotic beach. Therefore, add this beautiful beach in your travel bucket list and must visit this place to enjoy a true beach vacation.



Gustavia is the capital city of St. Barts, this is a beautiful town shaped like a horseshoe. This town is very popular for its charming site seeing attractions like Fort Gustav and Wall House Museum. Also, Gustavia is very popular for its local shopping areas and restaurants. You can enjoy the amazing nightlife, shopping destinations and food of this town.

This town offers you mesmerizing beauty of their harbor. And, there are many other interesting spots in this town where you can explore the amazing local culture. So, if you have a long list of destinations where you want to travel and saving money to have a wonderful trip, then the place can be you’re one of the favorite destinations to explore.


Inter Oceans Museum

This is the one aquatic place where you can find thousands of oceanic things. Inter Oceans Museum is one of the top-rated museums by the tourists and is a magnificent museum you can see variety of aquatic creatures. From gorgeous seashells, tropical fishes, different types of coral; you can see this all inside this aquatic museum. So, do remember to visit the Inter Ocean Museum and have a different experience of ocean life.


Flamands Beach

This beautiful beach is also known as Anse Des Flamands and this is the prettiest and beautiful beach in St. Barts. If you visit St. Barts, don’t forget to spend some time to this Flamands Beach, this beach offers you to enjoy adventure sports like surfing, boating, snorkeling, and diving. Also, this beach is one of the most serene beaches present in the world. The beautiful shimmery blue water and blond sand enhance the vibe of true exoticness for every tourist.


Yellow Submarine Of St. Barts  

Discover the magnificent aquatic world found beneath the sea. From the glass bottom of the Yellow Submarine, you’ll see the beauty of underwater life. You have a fantastic experience of seeing the vibrant marine life tropical flora and fauna. Colorful tropical fishes will accompany and roam around; you can see beautiful sea turtles swimming in the water and there are so many more things that you’ll see.

So, these were the best places where you can go to St. Barts and experience the true local culture of Europeans and capture all the beauties of St. Barts in your camera and heart for a lifetime. Thus, we hope this article is going to help you to visit every exotic destination of St. Barts to have an incredible vacation experience.

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