Enjoy the Isolated Paradise: French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a collection or group of islands which are expanded over the 2000 km, holding the total area of 4, 167 square kilometres. These islands are actually a part of the French Republic and considered as the only country of France overseas. This French Polynesia is a group of 118 small islands out of which only 67 have been found habited and most of the population used to reside here. Papeete, which is situated in Tahiti Island is considered as the capital of French Polynesia. These islands basically are divided into five categories based on their geographical positions. It has emerged as a hub of European tourists and traders also. The coastal areas of it are also used for trading purposes.

Tahiti: Holding the capital inside, Tahiti is the largest island of French Polynesia. It has emerged as a shape of numeric number 8. Being a popular tourist spot among visitors it has many things to attract its tourists. Tahiti, of course, does not hold white sand beaches but contrary to this it has beautiful black sand beaches to offer. It is occupied with beautiful lagoons, amazing waterfalls and landscapes which makes it an ideal vacation destination. Playing the role of capital, Papeete is always found busy with its tourists because it is a hub of restaurants bar and hotels. You can also find various kind of delicious food items here as well. Many kinds of things can be tried here like hiking, snorkelling, fishing and other water sports.

Bora Bora: The small island of French Polynesia carries a beautiful turquoise colour lagoon one of the most attracted places to attract tourists towards it. The Bora Bora island is most famous for scuba diving. Its popular restaurants and resorts are worth to stay for the guests and appreciated because of its location above the water layer. The amazing tourist centre on this island is Matira, famous for its most stunning beaches and the spot for snorkelling. Snorkelling can be accompanied with a round to Coral gardens and an aquarium of nature holding sea life inside it where sharks can be found swimming and easily seen while boating at the island.

Moorea: Known for its volcanic mountains and beautiful sandy beaches, it is small island among the islands of the French Republic. Hiking, snorkelling, swimming and diving are the things which tourists can enjoy anytime here. One can enjoy the overview of the whole island even beyond Tahiti. It has emerged as a popular honeymoon destination at present. You can enjoy the small trips of watching dolphin or whale if interested but if not still would be a recommended thing to try once. Maharepa is a commercial and suitable place for shopping for local traditional and cultural items. The jewellery pieces here are made up of especially with their local black pearl and used in almost every item of it. Traditional dance performances can be enjoyed in the night at the Tiki village spot. Traditional feasts are also part of this cultural village.

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