Easy hacks for traveling during that time of the month

The thought of going through your period during traveling is horrible. You want to be anything but definitely not on your period during a travel journey. This steals away all the possible fun that you are about to have on your journey and thus, makes you feel depressed and in pain. But with our travel hacks, you will be able to deal with your period pain in no time and will be able to enjoy your trip just like a normal person. Whether you are on a flight, amidst a long car journey, in the trains- we have got all of you covered with the ultimate travel hacks and things you can do to save yourself.

You should never let something like your period ruin your big vacation. So to avoid the potential menstrual cramps, pain, stomach ache or any other symptoms you might have, these travel hacks will save your vacation.

Carry a heating pad

A heating pad is the most imperative thing you would need if you are traveling during that time of the month. This heating pad is going to be your savior for the vacation and will help you survive the entire time. Not only does heat feel really nice and cozy, but it also stimulates blood flow and lessens the period pain from cramps. This heating pad is definitely going to help you deal with the period pain and make sure your cramps find a savior from all the possible pains. Pick a gel heating pad that is chargeable because it is battery operated. You can charge it anywhere on the way and there is no hassle of replacing the water every now and then.

Use a menstrual cup

A menstrual cup has become really popular in recent times because it is not just environment-friendly but is also reusable thus adding to the overall utility. You can save on a lot of bucks by using this menstrual cup and also maintain hygiene levels. The thing about sanitary pads is that you might not be able to replace it or throw the used one wrapped properly. So, it is always a good option to use a menstrual cup so that you stay away from the hassle of replacing your sanitary pad and going through a journey. Using a menstrual cup is good for a long-term journey because you don’t get many options on the way where you can go to the loo or change your clothes. So, a menstrual cup is the most feasible option and lasts up to 12 hours.

Carry Medications

The smartest way to deal with periods is to carry your medications beforehand. Even if your date has not arrived yet, you should prep for it in advance. Always carry your medications with yourself and it should include special medicines to deal with period cramps. If you know that you have painful cycles, then you should never forget to carry your medicines. It is always a safe option to pack all your essentials so that you don’t feel embarrassed in case of an emergency. These essentials also include sanitary pads and tampons as well. Anti-inflammatory tablets and pain-killers are a must for every vanity kit.

Wear Athleisure clothing

When you are going through that time of the month, you are already in your most comfortable position. This should not be doubled by wearing jeans and tight clothes. Wearing such fancy clothing will make you all the more uncomfortable and will add to the frustration. But you are on a vacation and want to look stunning. So, what you should do is pack your athleisure clothing because it is comfortable, smart and stunning. It never fails to impress anyone and also, helps in curating different styles for you. Try wearing an oversized sweater with your fancy joggers for an impressive look. You can also carry a tracksuit or sweatpants and pair them with your tank top and boho accessories. But always remember to look comfortable and feel comfortable.

Skip the coffee, eat dark chocolate

This is really important during your periods. You should consider cutting down on coffee as the foremost thing because it contains caffeine that can cause your body to retain more water. This results in bloating and thus worsens the cramps even more. On the other hand, you should consume a lot of dark chocolate because it is rich in magnesium which helps in fighting period cramps. It tastes good and makes you feel even better.

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