Dubai desert safari: How to make the most of it?

When we think of Dubai, the luxurious lifestyle, the delicious food, and the beautiful architecture are probably the main highlights of the country, but it is definitely beyond that and has so many amazing things to offer. Desert safari is one of the most popular things for anyone to experience here. The desert culture in the country has been kept alive, and the best way to experience it is by going on a desert safari that you can enjoy at one of the many deserts situated on the neighboring grounds. The sand dunes paint such a beautiful and whimsical picture of this Arabian country, which has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in such a short duration of time. Desert safari is the closest you can get to truly enjoy your stay in Dubai, which also includes various traditional activities such as camel riding, henna painting, sheesha smoking, falconry, and many more things. To ensure that you have the best safari experience in Dubai, it would be wise if you bear a few things in mind that we have listed below.

Don’t forget to bring a camera along

Forgetting to bring your camera along with you is the silliest mistake you would be committing while going on a desert safari. If you are imagining the deserts to be just vast, barren land with no interesting elements to it then you are completely wrong. Just wait till you reach there and might left be mesmerized with the sand dunes that are really beautiful to look at. Clicking pictures with these majestic sand dunes in the background will make for such lovely photos. You can collect so many memories on this Dubai trip in the form of pictures. Therefore, don’t forget the camera!

Go light with your meal

Since you will be going on a bumpy ride on the safari which can also be pretty exhausting, we would suggest you to take a light meal in the morning before you plan to go on a desert safari as the journey will include many bumps throughout the desert and consuming heavy meal in the morning which might not even have been digested may start troubling you and makes you feel uneasy. You should also avoid consuming too much water so that you don’t face any health issues.

Wear comfy clothes

Dressing up appropriately is one of the key elements to ensure that your desert safari goes smoothly and comfortably. Considering all the things such as your comfort, the weather, and many other aspects, pick your outfit. Make sure that the attire you are choosing is loose and comfortable so that you feel at ease throughout the journey. Also, in Dubai, it’s important for women to dress up properly, but when it comes to desert safari, you can wear an outfit that feels the most comfortable to you. It tends to get a little cold in the evening; therefore, do carry a warm jacket to provide warmth to your body.

Carry extra cash or credit/debit card with you

It’s always good to be on the safer side from your end. You can consider taking some cash or your card with you when planning to go on a desert safari adventure. This way you can spend money on buying some snacks, water or anything that you need. Cash may also come to use to do some shopping at the shops and stalls. If you want to make the most of this fun adventure and don’t have any budget issues, then you must carry extra cash or card with you.

Choose an afternoon safari

While there are a number of options for safari tours, but to truly enjoy this experience in Dubai, go for an afternoon slot. Going on a desert safari in the afternoon will allow you to enjoy the sunset, which is the best part of the whole tour. Enjoying the sunset while sitting on the cold sand is a feeling which cannot be described. As the sun sets, the atmosphere in the desert becomes more cozy and friendly, which can be the most leisurely way to enjoy an evening.

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