Denmark: The next travel destination on your list

Planning to go for a vacation to Europe? Don’t ever forget the beautiful Scandinavian countries that are located on its northern side. Denmark is the country where the Scandinavia actually begins. It is a peaceful country that is an undisputed jewel of the continent. This ancient heartland of the Viking kingdom is home to many picturesque fishing villages and many palaces and castles of medieval times.
We have given some must see-spots of the country that you should put up on your list.



Our list has to start with this Scandinavian capital as this is the landmark place where most of the travelers mark the beginning of their journey in Denmark. It is a cool, calm, and sophisticated city that is found facing Malmo across the Oresund Strait. Visitors come to this place to enjoy two things mainly- firstly, the most visited theme park in Scandinavia, Tivoli Gardens throbbing with energy and life, and secondly, a bronze statue based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the Little Mermaid. This largest city of Denmark is home to more than one million Danes and has some of the amazing neighborhoods like Vesterbro and Christiamshavn. There also some awesome restaurants like Noma, where you can tease your taste buds with some of the most delicious food found in the country.



Odense is a popular place in Denmark as it is the birthplace and childhood home of the famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. It is evident from the above fact that you can find many statues and sculptures of the personality around the town. There are many eye-pleasing attractions in the city such as the old Viking castle; Funen’s Abbey; Funen Village Museum; Egeskov Castle, and lastly, the 11th century Saint Canute’s Cathedral. This third largest city famous for its popular dish sweet treat marzipan has a lively university scene with countless chic cafes. All these things add to the overall vibe and energy of the place making it a vibrant city of the country.



Next comes on the list another popular place to visit, the northernmost city of the country and its main fishing port, Skagen. This ravishing city has rows of terracotta-roofed houses and painted timber buildings that glow against the North Sea. The splendid village is home to long sandy beaches, and scenic landscapes that make around two million visitors attracted to the place annually. It is also in fame because of its amazing postcard location between the Jutland beaches and the dunes and, of course, its fresh air. The overall vibe of the city makes it charming and a magnet for painters and poets to satisfy their artistic hunger. Don’t forget to have a look at the oldest lighthouse of Denmark when at the place.



It is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and was also its capital earlier. The city has a number of buried monarchs whose royal tombs can be found in the 12th century Roskilde Cathedral. One of the other historic sites where you can get to the story behind how five Viking ships were sunk to protect Roskilde from sea invaders is the Viking Ship Museum. The remains of those ships can be found inside the museum. Other sites you might like to visit in the city include the royal palace and the Roskilde jars. If you are planning to visit the place around June and July, don’t miss its giant rock music event popularly called the Roskilde festival.

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