Costa Rica travel tips: Things to know before visiting the country

Costa Rica, a literal paradise for nature and beach lovers alike, welcomes tourists from all over the world. Situated in Central America, the nation boasts of rugged mountains and rainforests that contribute their part in adding to the beauty of the country. Costa Rica guarantees to offer one of a kind experience to all the tourists that you cannot get anywhere else in America. From food and nature to attractions and local experience, everything about this place is simply amazing. A visit to the country is just a perfect way to spend your time away from urban chaos and enjoy your stay exploring the nation for its picturesque and relaxing beaches, volcanoes, and amazing biodiversity. However, it’s also equally important to learn a few things about the country before visiting it so that it can help you have a fun and comfortable time here.

We have listed a few travel tips for you that will ensure that the time spent in the country feels nothing but wonderful and enriching.


Costa Rica is expensive

First things first, it’s extremely important to set a budget before planning your visit as Costa Rica is an expensive country which means you will have to be very careful with your expenses. Everything here is pretty costly which includes the food, admission to parks and waterfalls, car rentals, and many more. Eating at restaurants isn’t cheap either as charges will be included in the final cost which covers 10% service charge and 13% tax. The admission fees for parks and car rentals are also very high which is why you will have to manage your expenditure accordingly so that things remain within the budget. If you’re traveling on a budget then you can consider staying in hostels and camps instead of hotels. And you can eat at local eateries instead of fancy restaurants.


Tap water is safe to drink

Unlike other countries where drinking tap water is considered unsafe, Costa Rica receiver tap water that is safe to drink. Carry an insulated reusable water bottle with you which you can refill from the taps that can be found everywhere within the country. Don’t waste your money on buying a plastic water bottle which can also be harmful to the environment. Insulated water bottles make sure that the water remains cold always no matter how hot it is.


Learn the language


While most of Ticos are well versed in English but it’s always safe to learn their local language which is Spanish as it can come super handy at times. Learning a few of the Spanish phrases will you get your way around the country and make your travel experience more smooth and enriching. Learning the language will also somehow boost your bargaining skills which is a must thing to learn especially when you’re a tourist. You don’t have to go all the way with learning the Spanish language, just learn a few basic phrases such as hello, thank you, food, money, directions, etc.


US dollars are widely acceptable

In Costa Rica, the US dollar is the standard currency in tourism which means you can do most of your payments with US dollars. Although, a credit card is widely accepted throughout the country, just to be on a safer side, always carry a few us dollars with you or you can also carry their local currency Costa Rican colon which can be exchanged at the airport or the exchange stores in the market. They pretty much offer the same exchange rates.

Plan your trip according to the rainy season

If you don’t want your plans to be ruined by cost Rica’s non-stop rains then make sure to plan your trip considering the rainy season in mind which lasts from May to December. But during that time, the month of October witnesses the heaviest rainfall which also affects their business. For the rest of the months, the downpours are pretty frequent but that can be still tolerated as there’s less crowd, fresh foliage, and lush jungle scenery which you won’t be able to witness in the starting months of the year as the weather remains hot, sunny and dry.

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