Carry these essentials while travelling Uphills

Whenever we think of planning a vacation, two things pop into our mind; the high hills and sunny beaches. Vacation is a perfect retreat from your hectic monotonous life and refreshes you. Just the idea of it changes your mood and make it cheerful.
Packing when going uphills can be one big task but don’t worry we have made it somewhat easier for you by listing out some essential items you would need during your trip. Go through the below tips and you won’t miss a thing-

Woolens Of course!

It tops the list as it is a thing no one will ever forget but the mistake one often does is that they carry too much. Staying warm is the topmost priority but don’t forget your comfort along with it. Pick woolens in such a way that you don’t die of cold and at the same time don’t carry much weight.
If you are planning for a week’s trip just carry two of them with basic colors that would go with any of your looks. Pick a leather jacket that will beat the cold as well as will look attractive. And if going to a place where weather conditions are extremely harsh then don’t forget to carry a windcheater along with you which is rainproof. Other essential things include-

  • Sweaters/Pullovers
  • Mufflers
  • Woolen Socks
  • Leg Warmers
  • A pair of Gloves
  • Caps

2. Good Shoes

It is very important to carry the right kind of shoes when traveling to any place and if you fail to do so it can ruin your whole vacation.
It becomes much more significant when going on a trip to the hills as it includes long walks and some adventurous activities like hiking, climbing, etc. Make sure it is comfortable and protect your feet from blisters and sore feet. Carry a pair of snow boots if going to a hilly area where there is a heavy amount of snowfall. You will surely thank yourself. Add a pair of indoor-outdoor slip-proof slippers that you can wear in your hotel room.


3. Medicine Box

It is generally on every to-do list of a trip. And if you are traveling to a place of high altitude, there are high chances that you would need some medicines to keep yourself in good condition. Carry medicine to avoid motion sickness and some cold and altitude sickness medications if you are someone whose immune system is weak and who easily falls sick. As cold weather conditions can make you prone to infections, carry a tissue box along with you for running nose. You can also keep some chocolates along to have an instant boost of energy and to keep yourself warm.


4. Skincare

It is important to take care of your skin daily which becomes more significant when traveling to cold weather conditions. Keep a good moisturizer that is rich in cocoa, honey or shea butter and a nice lip balm to take care of your chapped lips. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen to protect your skin from those harsh sun rays. Pack your polarized sunglasses that would cut the glare and will help you in giving a better view of the mountains.


5. Backpack

A backpack comes in handy when it comes to organizing your belongings for your mountain getaway. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle that will help you to stay hydrated.

Some of the other items that can be helpful for you are-

  • Umbrella- Shelter from snowfall and Rain
  • Deodrant & Dry Shampoo- If you hate to take a bath
  • Power bank
  • Cash- ATMs are not available everywhere

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