Bulgarian Sites that just cannot be missed

Along the coast of the Black sea is this gorgeous country of Bulgaria. With picturesque landscapes and a deep-digging history, it has something for everyone. Explore the gorgeous Bulgarian cities that are a must-visit for everyone out there.

The Capital City- Sofia

The Iconic Capital of Sofia is the most popular destination in Bulgaria and there are reasons to prove us right. If you had to choose a one-stop destination in Bulgaria, it would be this gorgeous city. With a blend of rich historical sites as well as contemporary buildings, it is a delight to visit. You will spot some really ancient attractions here along with some new era structures that will grab your heart. Sofia houses historic buildings like 2000 years old churches and cathedrals that are bliss for Bulgaria. On the other hand, it is home to some gothic museums as well as gorgeous boulevards too. It offers a contrast of emotions and feelings that will just be the perfect thing you are looking for on a vacation.


The third-largest city in Bulgaria, Varna also offers a deep digging in history, entertainment as well as culture. One of the most popular sightseeing places here is the Varna Archeological Museum which features the world’s oldest gold thus making this place an impressive site for your visit. As far as entertainment is concerned, Bulgaria offers the largest Roman baths in Varna amidst an orthodox architecture, thus giving a nice relaxing time to its visitors in full luxury. World-class shopping, spa as well as pristine beaches are a treat here. So, if you had to love Varna for one reason, it would be for the fact that this is a plethora of everything. It has something for everyone and thus, you must visit it for the most power-packed vacation.


If other places have historical sites in their boundaries, this one is itself a historic city in Bulgaria. It has countless historical landmarks that will give you a deep dig in history and will grab your heart like nothing. All history buffs as well as archeologists visit Plovdiv for research as well as to learn about the untamed sites in the world. This city is very gothic as it is built on seven hills and is surrounded by Balkan Mountains which makes this one a picturesque destination in Bulgaria. Visit the striking landmarks here, taste the exotic wine, enjoy the shows in Roman Amphitheatres and stroll on the cobbled streets for the best time of your vacation.



If you have had too much into history and architecture, then this place is your getaway for the weekend. With power-packed beaches and an entertaining lifestyle, this is one of the best places in Bulgaria. Although it has a touch of beautiful ruins in Churches, it is still the most entertaining place in Bulgaria. Located on the black sea coast, Nesebar is worth every visit because it has so much yet to be explored. The ancient city is connected to the island via a man-made bridge, so you can visit it at any point in time. Apart from this, Nesebar also offers sunbathing on the beachfront as well as water sports for a thrilling time. Visit the Sunny beach for the most amazing time in Nesebar.


Rila Monastery

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bulgaria, Rila Monastery is truly one of the most gothic places here. If you love orthodox monasteries with gothic architecture, then this place will grab your heart like nothing else. Nestled amidst the famous Rila Mountains is this largest monastery in Bulgaria. The history of this place goes back as far as the 10th century and has stood the test of time since then. It is visited by thousands of people every year because it has been built in a really stunning way. Four different patterns namely- Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque have come together to make one big Rila Monastery. Explore the nearby valley too and have a great time here.



Step away from the city life as well as historic sites and move to this picturesque place in Bulgaria. Nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, Bansko is renowned as the top skiing mecca in Bulgaria. If you are up for skiing, this place would give you the ultimate goals to do so. Visitors indulge in a never-ending session of skiing and spend the entire day here. Along with luxurious resorts, entertaining nightlife, as well as the annual Jazz festival, makes this place a part of the most thrilling places in Bulgaria. Visitors are drawn towards this place for all the correct reasons and we have given it a thumbs up too.

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