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Looking for a fancy beach house or a luxury cabin home? Planning a perfect destination for yourself? Well, then you are in the right place. Booking hotels and resorts are becoming outdated and so, renting accommodation is becoming the new ‘in’. They are far more luxurious with extreme privacy and way more amenities. Renting accommodation is like booking a house of your own away from your house! This is what a vacation rental is. Vacation rentals are basically renting out of accommodation that is fully furnished with all the essentials and amenities that you have at your own home. It can be an apartment that you rent or a complex with multiple houses and villas. This is a very amazing concept curated as an alternative to hotel bookings. They are most prevalent in the US. But they have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The sole reason is that they are not only feasible for family vacations but for solo travelers too.

What’s the deal?
Well, you are at the ultimate benefit if you go for vacation rentals. You find more space with less money and can plan according to your budget. Most vacation rentals provide accommodations in all price range for your convenience. And it’s not just the beach houses or villas that you can rent in some fancy place like Bali. You can also rent an apartment in Paris or Orlando. Whatever you wish to have, no matter how exotic it is, you can easily browse and book with vacation rental websites. They have been designed and made available so that you have the best experience of your life. Some of the best ones are listed below. Have a look!



Vrbo was introduced to the world in 1995 as a distinctive way for people who are passionate to travel around the world. Vrbo is a way to book the most amazing rentals around the world and make your stay worthwhile. Whether you’re visiting with your family or alone, Vrbo is an online platform that makes sure that they offer the best of services in a reasonable amount. They connect homeowners with travelers to make sure everyone finds their best pick. Vrbo offers some amazing properties like Condos, cabins, bungalows in about 190 countries. The whole booking process is hassle-free.


  • Vrbo offers a very easy booking process in a jiffy. You can explore countless options and make your pick. Make your bookings online beforehand through a secured gateway.
  • They offer 24*7 customer assistance so that you don’t face any problem and if you do, they are right at your service.
  • They provide accommodations with all the comforts of home like a furnished kitchen, laundry services, and private pool too.


  • You can browse from a list of more than 2,00,000 houses; 50,000 bungalows, and cabins at your desired price range.
  • The apartment range starts from 35$ for a basic apartment in case you’re traveling for work. And goes on till 1000$ if you’re on an exotic holiday.
  • Add filters, fill in your details of departure and arrival and you’ll have a list of best properties in that area in a jiffy.

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HomeAway is one of the most popular vacation rental marketplaces that offer more than 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries. HomeAway has acquired a lot of other booking websites and has become a big family. It offers cabins, condos, castles, villas, and farmhouses on rent with all possible amenities. HomeAway has made it convenient to find incredible accommodations around the world wherever you’re traveling. Name the destination and you got it! It aids travelers in having the dream vacation of their life.


  • Expedia acquired HomeAway in 2015. And it’s a part of the parent company Expedia just like Vrbo is a part of HomeAway.
  • They are practically the same company but if you’re traveling across America, you’re likely to find accommodation through Vrbo. And if you’re traveling across Europe, Australia or India, you’ll find your desired property on HomeAway.
  • That’s how it works in a systematic manner and has managed to build a huge family. They offer a booking guarantee so that you can travel in peace. You’ll find more spacious apartments with booking on HomeAway.


Pricing ranges the same as Vrbo and it offers an endless list of apartments, condos, cabins across 190 countries. You’ll end up making the best decision with all the listing right in front of you.

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FlipKey is part of the popular TripAdvisor rentals which is a leading marketplace offering more than 830,000 properties in 190 countries for vacation rentals. FlipKey was founded in 2007 and has successfully been recognized as one of the best vacation rental websites. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a private island stay or a sexy beach house; you will find everything on FlipKey. TripAdvisor rentals connect the homeowners with travelers around the world not just for apartment rentals. It brings to their notice the best restaurants and sight-seeing options as well.


  • Find the best rental accommodations in exclusive deals curated just for you. It has more than 1000 rental properties in different countries like Paris, San Diego, Barcelona-you name it!
  • Find personalized recommendations from experts after providing all the details and requirements for your stay. The advice from experts is a great highlight of this rental website.
  • You can browse by country and look for the best nearby restaurants and major attractions. You can also browse according to your vacation plans like family, weekend getaway or girlfriends getaway and get the best trip ideas!


  • The price range starts from 100$ and goes on till more than 2000$ depending on how exotic or how regular is the apartment you’re looking for.
  • For a city-center studio or a private island space, it will cost you quite a fortune. For a sprawling beach house, it should be a reasonable deal depending on the country you’re planning to visit.



Airbnb is a very popular online marketplace that offers great services in arranging lodging and homestays for a great tourist experience. Airbnb is a worldwide leader in rental accommodations with over 6 million listings at unbeatable prices. They have their roots spread in more than 190 countries. Airbnb earns a commission for every booking you make. It offers exclusive discounts and deals and benefits you in every booking! Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb bookings and end with an overwhelming feeling in your heart. Airbnb stands for ‘Air bed-n-breakfast’.


  • Airbnb offers 24*7 customer assistance for emergencies and for any other aid too. If you are in the middle of a contingency, call the help support center any time of the day or night. They will listen to all your grievances and help you right away.
  • Another major feature of Airbnb is their Global hospitality standards. They have maintained their standards for a very long time and never compromise on them.
  • It has a special Airbnb Plus Feature that showcases verified quality places and Airbnb Adventure Feature for multi-day trips by experts along with meals and sight-seeing.


  • Airbnb has proved to be cheaper than a hotel room or resort booking. A study showed that booking an apartment through Airbnb turned out to be 21% cheaper than a hotel room.
  • Luxurious villas with Jacuzzi, sea homestay or an artistic studio ar all available at unbeatable prices low to high. Browse accordingly and have your pick.

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BOOKING.COM started as a small Dutch startup in 1996 and has grown as one of the largest travel e-commerce companies in the world. It has successfully taken the hassle and friction out of travel booking and made everything much easier. It connects travelers with all the homeowners around the world for the most incredible rental bookings. A large number of properties including everything from apartments, vacation homes, and family homes, provides a 5-star service to its clients over 227 destinations. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you are at the benefit of choosing from countless options.


  • Offers peak deals and exclusive discounts to its regular clients and first-timers. There is so much to choose from whether it is apartments, hostels, corporate bookings, luxury living, and even igloos.
  • Booking and staying is much easier with and doesn’t even involve any booking fee. Unbeatable prices had us here and of course, the 24*7 help support center with experts sitting at the other end to communicate in over 40 languages.
  • Every day more than 15,50,000 rooms per night are reserved on their platform so you can figure out how extended their horizons are.
  • The host can list their property on the website and list their prices according to the prevalent country.


  • Homeowners list their property in the best rates possible and you can enter your details of the trip for finding the best bookings across the world.
  • The booking range goes as high as 5000$ and a majority even books it for luxury travel.
  • You must filter your requirements according to the budget and then decide on the perfect apartment, cabin, villa-whatever you like.

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Vacation rentals are a great way to save your bank account and plan your trip in the most affordable way. Accommodation is the foremost requirement for any trip and so, all these popular rental websites give the best of their service to provide a satisfactory experience to all the customers!

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