Best time to visit Amsterdam

If you’re lucky and happen to land at this gorgeous place, you’ll know why Amsterdam is considered one of the most free-spirited cities in the world. You can have the most wonderful experience of your life if you are a solo traveler and even with your family. Amsterdam has something for everyone and is a delight to the eyes and the soul. It is renowned for a lot of things like stunning historic buildings, the Anne Frank house, the red-light district and of course the mouth-watering delicacies. The weather in Amsterdam is mostly chilly but is still enjoyable at any time of the year.

Whenever we plan on visiting a certain country, we look for sightseeing spots and things to do. But another factor that cannot be ignored is the weather conditions. What if it’s raining during your trip and you can’t even step out of the hotel? So before you plan your trip to Amsterdam, read on to know the best time to visit this place and what you can do during your stay-

Visiting in Spring Season- The spring season in Amsterdam is known as the ‘tulip season’ because flowers are blooming everywhere. Everything is serene and beautiful. If we could pick one season that brings out the best in Amsterdam, it would be spring. Considered the best time to visit, there are a lot of things you can encounter during your trip.

  • the popular king’s day national festival takes place on April 27 and lasts for three days. As a tourist, you can witness the city of Amsterdam all dolled up in vibrant colors with extravagant crowd hovering the streets.

  • you should not miss visiting the Keukenhof gardens which are blooming with colorful flowers in the tulip season.

  • however, as thrilling it sounds, this is a peak season. So it is not that easy on the wallet and might cost way over than you expected.

Visiting in Summer Season- The summer season is very hot with scorching heat right over our heads. With an average temperature of 22 degrees, it is a mixture of downpours and humidity. Amsterdam is quite a bust city during this season because the parks, beaches, street-shows become alive. You will spot people renting and riding bicycles all day around to explore the city. So it is definitely a peak tourist season thus adding on to the average cost of the trip.

  • summer season is prime festival time and you can easily spot many festivals and events going on in the city.

  • you can visit the open-air swimming pools specially designed for enjoying the sunny day in Amsterdam. Catch hold of a brew and chill.

  • you can also visit the Amsterdamse Bos or Oosterpark and set up your own bbq for a chill-out evening.

Visiting in Fall Season- Fall is a very beautiful season to visit any place in our personal opinion. You will see dry leaves spread all over the streets giving a very picturesque look to the city. September to October accounts for the fall season and is very peaceful. The temperature is mild and hotel accommodation is also reasonable because it is off-season. Amsterdam is considered one of the leafiest cities in Europe. So you should definitely visit during this season!

  • during fall, you can conveniently explore the streets, historic buildings, canals, and museums because it is not over-crowded.

  • in October, it becomes the dance capital as thousands of DJs and music lovers descend on the city. Dance the night away and have the time of your life!

  • there are many cultural and music events and the majority of people head there for a fun time. Don’t forget to taste the fall special soup- ‘Bok bier.’

Visiting in Winter Season- The city is covered in snow during this time and since it’s new years, colorful lights embark on the streets and illuminate the entire city. The best thing about winters is that flight fares at their lowest so you don’t have to worry about your bank account. If you plan your trip during this time, it will cost you half the price and double the fun because of New Year’s.

  • the snowy city emits a romantic charm, thus making your trip a memorable one.

  • another specialty during this season is the ‘Oliebollen’ which is like a doughnut and is easily available on the streets. Dusted with sugar, it looks pretty and tastes even better!

The famous Amsterdam Light show is an annual project during this time of the year. It beautifies the canals and buildings and makes the city look even prettier.

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