Best Nature escapes in the New York State

In the hustle and bustle of city life, one always tries to find escape and what can be a better escape than the nature itself. It is one the thing that the universe offers us naturally.
Despite being the one of the busiest cities in the world, NY surprisingly has an amount of places to enjoy nature. It offers hidden parks to rooftop gardens to waterfront bike paths which provide a soothing departure to nature. It may be hard to find peaceful spots in this bustling city but if one looks hard enough you can definitely find some great locations.


Brooklyn Botanical gardens


If you want to be in the New York and be at a different place at the same time, then this is the place should be at. It encompasses a variety of plant habitats local to the New York Metropolitan area. It is filled with peaceful walking paths, beautiful trees, and flowers. It is a nice place to visit in the spring season and one can relax amidst the sea of flowers and find peace one seeks once in a while.


Prospect Park

This place is ideal to enjoy a picnic with your friends or family. It has an area of 585 acres which has a ravine in its center featuring beautiful foliage and calming streams. This is the only forest in the Brooklyn area. This is a place which can be enjoyed throughout the year, especially on warmer days. One of the best ways to explore this place is renting a bike and just getting lost in its plethora of trees. Several plazas, bridges, waterways, monuments, statues add to the beauty of the place.


The Adirondacks

If hiking is your thing, then Adirondacks is your go-to place. Other than mountains, the place has various lakes, verdant valleys and steep cliffs. It is the New York’s largest playground which is impossible for a person to explore in just one day. You can get more familiar with the nature and American history after exploring this place. If you want to delve into the history of Adirondacks, the museum at Blue Mountain Lake could be a place to visit. This is the place you would want to come back every year. The place offers a range of activities from brewery tours to drive-in-movie to a yoga retreat spanning through different seasons throughout the year.


Paley park

This park due to its design is considered as one of the New York’s hidden garden gems. This has been created to mitigate city noise and is a peaceful space amidst the busy urban life. The park is slightly elevated from street-level to create a sense of privacy in the space. To make the park more comfortable for its visitors, the architects chose to offer a wide range of light, moveable mesh chairs, and tables to help people in organizing themselves easily. It is easily accessible due to its central location and design. The artificial waterfall on its back wall adds to the beauty of the place.


The Rockaways

This place can be magical and mystifying for those who have never been here. A beach day at the Rockaways is a prominent member of the easy New York day trips. This is the perfect place to feel refreshed, energized and renewed. Swimming, Surfing, and Sunbathing will make you feel out of the world and will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. The place has numerous bars and places to dine.

Other than these various other places one could plan to visit can be Riverside Park, Bronx Zoo, Lake George, Harriman State Park, Cold Spring, etc.
You certainly don’t have to leave New York to seek the peace you have been looking for in your busy and monotonous life.

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