Best Beaches in Turkey: Yes you read that right!

With history, ancient culture and architectural buildings, the country of Turkey has always been a blissful destination. It has everything one needs to satisfy their soul and traveling adventures. You would be surprised to know that apart from history and culture, this place is also a hub for beaches that are splendid and pristine in full view. Have a look at the most amazing beaches in Turkey and plan your visit for a great vacation-


Iztuzu Beach

A beach known for its turtle conservation as well as a hub for swimmers, Iztuzu beach is one of the most popular beaches in Turkey. In a historic place like Turkey, beaches add to the happy vibe and thus, make it a popular tourist spot. Iztuzu beach stretches for around 4.5 kilometers and makes for a stunning landscape in view. The captivating scenic of this beach had us at first sight and that is why we say this one is one of the best beaches in Turkey. Apt for swimming, you can dip in the cold translucent water with your friends and family and have an unforgettable fun time. The long stretch of sand on this beach is a barrier between the Dalyan river and the Mediterranean Sea. This view is truly splendid and calls for a picturesque sight for sure. The beach is also lined with shacks and sunbeds, so you can have a great time enjoying your brew and relax throughout the day.


Patara Beach

A beach ideal for swimming and getting yourself tanned, Patara beach os one of the most gorgeous beaches to indulge in the warmth of the ocean. This beach is located in a small village but is known to be Turkey’s longest beach. We won’t refer to this one as a hot spot for tourists because it is less developed than other beaches. But it is still on the list for the sole reason that its beauty is truly admirable. People visit this one for leisure walks and some alone time. There is a lot of swimming as well as sunbathing activity on the beach where you can chill and experience peace away from the rest of the city. There is no sign of hustle-bustle here because it is secluded in its own beauty. You are definitely going to be blown by this beauty! Look for sun loungers and rented beach umbrellas for a nice tranquil time in the evening.


Cleopatra Beach

Located in the beautiful land of Alanya, Cleopatra beach is a must-visit for all those who want to dip themselves in the warm waters. This beach is one of the most pristine beaches in Turkey and experiences huge waves from time to time. It is famous for the Alanya castle in the backdrop and that makes for the most attractive feature of this beach. You can have a great time here swimming, relaxing on the sunloungers or sitting under the umbrella. It attracts a lot of visitors every year and has qualified to be the hot spot for tourists around the world. Another best thing about this beach is that it is a hub for water sports as well. You can go surfing and paragliding here and enjoy the exotic views of this place.


Icmeler Beach

A well-known beach in Turkey for water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving- this is a one-stop destination for everything. Whether you want to go swimming, water sporting or simply relaxing- this place has everything. Icmeler beach is one of the best beaches if you want to experience the best of both worlds. Located 8 kilometers away from Marmaris, this well known holiday place attracts a lot of tourists every ear. It is a place with pristine beaches. umbrella beds in a long stretch and fun and frolic everywhere. The best thing about this beach is that it is surrounded by fishing villages and forests that add up to the vibe of this place. Head to this beach if you are looking for a vibrant holiday!


Cirali Beach

A hub for backpackers, Cirali beach is one of the most adventure-driven beaches in Turkey. It is known for its treehouse accommodations and thus makes it a bliss for backpackers. Surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery, this one turns out to be the most blissful beaches for travelers. All those who are on an adventure can make this place a go-to for everything. This beach stretched for an area of 3 km and is home to the loggerhead turtles as well. Mountains in the background, this place has a lot of scenic admiration and thus, is a pick for nature lovers too. The whole area of Cirali is dramatically beautiful and is a pleasure to the mind and soul.

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