Best 7 Travel Destination To Explore In 2019

Do you have any plans this year to travel? Or are you sitting home confused and unaware about what to do? It’s difficult to pick one location from a list of awesome places to visit. Worry not. This article is specially designed to short-list 7 amazing destinations to visit this year.
These are places with so much to see and experience; each a class apart from the other. So as you read through this article, you may be able to choose what best suits the nature of your 2019 trip.
So step right up and board this ‘Word Train’ as it takes you to various destinations across the world!

1. Singapore:
The island of Singapore is a beautiful place to visit. It is a land filled with an assortment of cultures and one that combines tradition with modernity. It is home to:
a. The massive and futuristic ‘Gardens by the Bay’. It is home to 18 enormous trees which were inspired by those found in the Plant of Pandora, from James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’.
b. Singapore Zoo, easily the best zoo in the world!
c. Not to forget Sentosa Island: Sentosa Merlion, Universal Studios and much more!

2. Pattaya City, Thailand:
Pattaya City is a less crowded version of Bangkok. It offers an amazing itinerary of places to visit.
a. Take the hovercraft tour at Pattaya Floating Market and don’t miss out on the amazing Thai cultural exhibition there! Plus one can find some really weird and awesome stuff to purchase at the Pattaya Floating Market.
b. Exactly opposite to the Pattaya Floating Market is the Pattaya Tiger Park, where one can pet real tigers of all sizes and grab some boastful pictures of the act.
c. Head on to Pattaya beach for some adventure sports and then travel to nearby coral islands via boat.

3. Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia:
The largest of the Nusa islands of Bali, this island offers the most amazing and instagrammable beach destinations and activities from diving to trekking to rock climbing. Nusa Penida is your ultimate beach destination! Do not forget to check out: Manta Bay, Kelingking T-Rex, Temebling beach, Gamat Bay and Seganing Falls.

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
A bit pricy, but probably one of the best places on earth. This coastal oasis is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, most amazing theme parks (rivaling Disneyland and Universal Studios), the only desert country with indoor ice-skiing and luxury shopping.

5. Las Vegas, United States of America:
Las Vegas: casinos, luxury hotels, parties, and colorful attractions! To sum it up, this is a crazy land to get crazy at. Las Vegas is home to many of Hollywood’s best heist or casino themed films like the Oceans film series and The Hangover Trilogy. Check out the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and the Venetian; top-tier hotels with some of the most amazing attractions. Don’t miss out on the Freemont Street Experience: party central, live music, dance parades, light shows and street acts!

6.    Niagra, United States of America:
Head on to Niagra for an awesome waterfall experience a la Maiden of the Mist! Check out the U.S-Canadian border and some of Canada’s biggest skyscrapers. This is an amazing place for nature lovers as it tells the tale of how the once industrial zone of Niagra has now become a park.

7. London, England:
Last but not least, London, capital to the empire that once colonized half the world! London is home to:
1. The infamous clock tower, Big Ben.
2. Europe’s tallest observation wheel, the London eye.
3. Home of the Royal Family, the Buckingham Palace.
4. The Tower of London, the Royal safe for the crown jewels.
5. Madame Tussauds London; amazing for pictures with your favorite celebrities (or more correctly, their wax statues).

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