Be one with the Nature in Indonesia

The thought of travelling to Indonesia definitely brings the visuals of magnificent beaches over there and yes, that’s very obvious too because Indonesia possesses the most marvellous beaches around the world which anyone can be the dream of to visit once. Though not only beaches are the most attractive spots here there are hundreds of magnificent places which are worth travelling to add this place to the top of your bucket list of dream travelling. The culture, traditions and ethnic beauty of the place are world renowned and worth applauded as well. Being the fourth most populous country around the world with a population of around 240 million people. It is also the largest Muslim populous and second most tropical forests in the world. A few descriptions about the most famous places in Indonesia has been given here to just for the review of our readers.

Komodo National Park: Komodo National Park was established in the year 1980 and is the most popular and greatest national & natural treasure in Indonesia. Spreader over the 1817 square kilometre of an area it covers the Komodo, Padar and Few parts of Rinca island as well. It is famous for its quality marine ecosystem which provides the maximum opportunities for the divers which are really memorable underwater experiences and adventures too. The hikers and people who love to snorkelling must enjoy climbing on Padar’s peak to spot these experiences.

Ubud Monkey Forest: You definitely must not have heard about the kind of monkey forest which Indonesia has. It is possessed by the wild monkeys though thousand of monkeys can be seen here they are not very wild and harm the people. There is famous Hindu Temple in the Bali, Indonesia and the place where it is situated is inside the forests and many monkeys use to wander around the temple. It would be highly recommended that you take bananas with you for them otherwise they would snatch it from your hands and won’t let you enjoy anything. Though they are wild monkeys but quite chill in behaviour and you don’t need to scare from them until you irritate them.

West Kalimantan: It is a beautiful province border with Malaysia is known by Kalbar as well by the natives as the nick name of Kalimantan Bara. It is not too much travelled by the tourists as its little difficult place to approach therefore, this place has a tremendous of natural beauty and very peaceful and calm environment to spend time with own and the family. The remote national parks and river journeys are the most favourite travelling amusement of travelers.


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