A friendly Tour in Tanzania

The land of forests best known for its wildlife animals, sanctuaries and most prominently for safari trips. The local language and tradition are influenced by the Swahili culture. The coastline of Tanzania is really magical and the islands are the cherry on the cake. Its coastal areas were once a source of trading for the kings and sultans of the area. The sunrises and sunsets of Tanzania make you feel out of the world.  The wonderful hospitality from the Tanzanian local people is necessary to experience once and dance on the traditional rhythms is absolutely amazing. Tanzanian people are very warm and polite in their behaviour which of course reflects in the beauty of their culture. The different tradition, art and culture are really remarkable and worth to remember. One would really try to come back at least once more. The beautiful land and landscapes described here in this article to go through once before travelling there.

Katavi National Park: Katavi National Park is the 3rd largest national park in Tanzania. It is quite far from the other popular tourist places or the national parks in Tanzania that is why Katavi National Park is the most unspoiled and well-stated park to travel than the other destinations of Tanzania. It is also the cheap, luxurious and easily approachable destination for the travellers. Hippos and crocodile are the main focused two animals which can be easily and widely found in this park and along with this many bird species can be seen here.

Serengeti National Park: The ultimate wildlife destination to explore in Tanzania is Serengeti National Park. It is also a popular spot for migrated birds and animals for which Africa is known for. The plain areas of the National park are really speechless to describe with their beauty and mystery which it spreads. Thousands of wild powerful animals can be seen in search of their prey while the safari round. Safari round in the Serengeti National Park is the sure thing to do but with very conscious and with the help of guide only while you can get a tour on your own too but a tour with the appropriate guide would be more beneficial.

Zanzibar Town: This town is also known as stone town also because of its construction by the stones only. The narrow streets of these towns are very famous among the visitors for shopping and gazing local traditional articles. One can easily seek street vendors and small shops where people can bargain easily.

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