48 Hours in Spain- Travel Guide

Famed for its Flamenco music and dance, bullfights and European culture, Spain is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Spain is extremely devoted to sophistication and elegance. With such commendable architectural beauty, Spain is one of the most diverse culture countries. Spain is a destination full of scenic landscapes and wine obsessed inhabitants. It will give you the time of your life even if you happen to visit for just 48 hours. Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Spain is composed of 17 autonomous regions. This is a vast country and you can’t obviously explore the best of Spain in 48 hours. But we have tried to list the best experiences in Spain that you can cling to in 48 hours. Look out for these quintessential activities and places and make the most of it-


Watch a Flamenco Show-obviously!

Spain is famed for its amazing Flamenco music and dance which is a very rare and unique genre. This traditional form of music and dance is as old as Spain and showcases one of the best folk music ever! If you are in Spain, you cannot afford to miss out on this one. With beautiful orchestra music playing in the background by drunken gypsies, this will give you a fun-filled evening for sure! Grab a brew and listen to the heart-filled music in the gardens of Seville. The traditional values of Spain have kept this folk music alive even today and we’re glad they did!


Admire the architecture of Antoni Gaudi

The architectures of Antoni Gaudi is commendable. The Catalan architecture would not be known to us today if it wasn’t for Antoni Gaudi’s execution. With such amazing intricate artwork, this place has got a lot of admirers and visitors. Although La Sagrada Familia has more foot traffic, Parc Guell also has a hold of history and ancient touch to it. Other famous architectures include Casa Calvet and Gaudi’s Casa Mila which has an unconventional appearance to it. Such historic and modern buildings in Spain are one of the best features.


Enjoy a Bullfight

Went to Spain and not watched a bullfight? This ain’t happening! Spain was very famous for its bull festival but has lost its charm with time. But all the first-timers in Spain must watch a bullfight and live the most enthralling experience of their lives. The bullfighting tradition is originally from Ronda but is more famous in Seville. Madrid, on the other hand, supports this activity the most. If you are looking for some adventure and excitement on this trip, you must go and watch a bullfight. This will be something that you have seen never before!


Visit Alhambra de Granada

This is a Moorish fortress and you just cannot miss out on this one! Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Alhambra can be associated with being the most spectacular sightseeing spot ever. It has the most beautiful lush gardens around the palace and when we day most beautiful, it means just out of the world. You’re sure to be spellbound by the beauty of this one. It has a lot of visitors from around the world that stay for a good amount of time here. You will admire the beauty and architecture of this place the most! Book our tickets in advance and avoid going during peak tourism time.

Eat the best local Cuisines

Spain is a place of music and wine. It’s as much famous for food as it is for bullfighting here. In Spain, ‘going for tapas’ is very essential and it’s not what you eat; it is how you eat. You go to different bars and have various drinks. So that makes for a lot of drinks in a lot of bars.
You can go hit the San Sabastian for a delicious Gourmet Cuisine. San Sabastian has successfully emerged as the food destination in entire Europe and we have no doubt about it. If offers some of the best local delicacies and worldly cuisines.
Also, another thing you got to try in Spain is the paella which is irresistible. The original paella is made from meat and not seafood so choose your restaurant carefully and enjoy the delicious authentic food of Spain the right way!

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