48 Hours in Frankfurt- Most Livable City Ever

The financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt is famous for a lot of things like its skyscraper buildings and historic structures from the bygone days. It offers a plethora of things that might be the most diverse and gorgeous ones in the world. This one is also one of the livable cities in the world and has gained a lot of love and admiration for its city life. If you are heading to Frankfurt, you cannot afford to miss out on these gorgeous places that will give you Goosebumps any day! Have a look and feel the vibe-


Stroll through Romerberg

This irregularly-shaped square in the old town of Frankfurt is truly an epitome of history and culture. It emits the most historic vibes from its structure and is definitely the most popular place in Frankfurt. Germany is full of historic and architectural sites anyway and this one is a must-visit for everyone. With gorgeous buildings in your sight, colorful surroundings, and front-open shops, this public square remains crowded all the time because if its vibe. There are a lot of things that you can do in this vibrant atmosphere like explore the colorful shops or just stroll through the old town. One major attraction of this place is the Justice fountain right in the center of the square. It is truly the most picturesque squares in Frankfurt.


View from the Main Tower

If you love panoramic views, then this tower is going to give you the chills. With such a beautiful sight and scenic beauty, this Main tower is just an unmissable attraction. There are so many sights in Frankfurt but this one tops them all. Known for its gorgeous panoramic views, an elevator will take you up to the 650-feet high platform. Standing at this platform, you would be gazing at the most incredible views of Frankfurt Skyline. There is no better way to look at Frankfurt other than this tower. It is the only high-rise observation deck that is open to the public. Apart from offering such views, this tower also boasts a restaurant where you can spend time with your family and enjoy nice dinner time and international cuisines.


Visit the Goethe House

Birthplace of the renowned writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Frankfurt boasts his gorgeous house in its land. This house is an esteemed location for Frankfurt as it was destroyed in World War II but was later restored and resurrected. The purpose behind this is to maintain the gothic and historic vibes of this place and make it available to the public for a tour. You can visit this house and take a tour all by yourself exploring each and every corner. You will spot everything from a gorgeous dining room to Goethe’s writing room where he penned down some of his most famous pieces of work. There is also a Goethe museum which is a 14-room gallery with the artists’ renowned work. Do not leave Frankfurt without visiting this one. You will remember it forever.


Be amazed at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Museums are in a plethora when it comes to Germany. It features some of the most exotic museums in the world and features a lot of artistic work from renowned artists. From science, history, culture, and art, it has everything to offer. This museum is a distinct one as it features numerous displays of our planet’s biodiversity as well as dinosaurs. The foremost highlight of this museum is the life-sized dinosaur skeleton that looks like it is coming for you. Apart from this, a lot more life-size replicas of dinosaurs greet guests in the museum’s forecourt. You definitely cannot miss out on this one. Take a full tour of this one and take back some audio and video clips for remembrance.


Vibe of Palmengarten

This botanical garden is one of the finest places in Frankfurt and must be visited without any second thoughts. Boasting more than 6000 botanical species from around the world in its boundary of 50 acres, this place is so gothic and the vibe is mesmerizing. This garden is super colorful and playful so you are bound to have the most amazing time here. This garden features a lot of other things than just botanical plants. It is home to some of the most beautifully structured greenhouses that house tropical and sub-tropical plants. Palmengarten also has a children’s playground and picnic spot for kids and families so you can spend an entire day here and enjoy the views!

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