10 best tips from experts to stay healthy while travelling

Travelling is an inevitable part of our life. There isn’t a human who could say I have never travelled in my entire life. We may travel for fun to certain places and to others for it’s spiritual or religious significance.
It may short or a long vacation. It is very much essential to be healthy during our journey. Travel cannot be joyful with ill health.

Majority of us love to travel and explore. Most of us fear of falling sick and would avoid going to places that we live to explore.
Here are 10 best tips from experts to stay healthy during the travel.

1. Know the complete geography of the place you travel
The climate of the place has an impact on your health. When you pack your clothes, pack them according to the climatic conditions. Wear clothes that suit the climate. Travel experts say people get sick when they travel to a place which has a climate different from the place where they live, so please take necessary precautions by understanding the geographical conditions.

2. Eat healthily
Healthy food is much essential to keep the immune system healthy during travel. Please have foods rich in vitamins and iron to have a healthy journey.

3. Have a walk
Have a light walk before breakfast. Most travel experts say morning walks kept them positive and healthy during the travel.

4. Get up early
Brooke Saward, an expert in travel and lifestyle blogging say waking up early and going to bed soon is the best way to stay fit during Travel. It’s always safe to explore in the daylight rather than the dim lights of afternoon. A proper sleep and wake schedule will keep the body fit to enjoy the travel

5. Limit or say no to alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption could harm health during travel. There are so many places to enjoy during travel rather than alcohol. But, the consumption must be limited If the ambience of the place pushes for a desire to consume alcohol.

6. Stay hydrated
Having enough water is much essential to stay healthy during travel. Travel may cause dehydration. So, remember to fill the water bottles whenever necessary. Travel experts say moisturizers are essential to keep the skin hydrated.

7. Meditate and exercise
An expert photographer Natasha Lee says that she uses a free app called insight timer that offers a ton of guided and timed meditations. Meditation and Exercise calms the mind and helps to stay fit during the travel. So, include those practices whenever possible. Meditation before sleep helps to get a sound sleeps and will help to stay healthy during travel.

8. Never skip meals
Skipping a meal is dangerous to one’s health. One needs enough strength to have a joyful journey. So, never stay in empty stomach for long hours.

9. Stay hygienic
Precautions are important to prevent ill health. Carry wet wipes, Hand sanitizers, tissues and towel in your hand luggage. Wash your hands and face regularly. Germs may cause ill health.

10. Keep your first aid kit handy
This is the best reminder given by frequent travellers which the amateur travellers forget. A mild injury may occur if you fall during an adventure. Please have a first aid kit handy to prevent anything serious to your health. Body aches or headaches may also occur during travel so have the usual pain balms or tablets that you use.

These are the much essential tips that have to be followed to stay healthy and the get the best experiences from travel.

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